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The work “Singing Greek with Mariza Koch’s songs” is organized into categories that refer to thematic units, age groups, and level of language study. Users can navigate following the above categories, as well as by keywords or by songs in alphabetical order. It is possible to print the sheet music score of every song in order to be used for educational purposes (by either using the free music composition and notation software, Musescore or any PDF reader software).

The service includes a repository of songs and metadata for the teaching of the Greek language through music. For every song there are three types of files: pdf, Musescore, and mp3. For the best navigation experience, users are recommended to have installed on their computer the programs required for operating pdf and mp3 files, as well as the free music composition and notation software Musescore.

For the translation of the songs from Greek to English, the international standard of transcription of the Library of Congress was followed (Library of Congress, USA).