Ola archizoun ap'to ena

Ola archizoun ap'to ena


Divided into groups, practice the quick articulation of the song.
Tongue twister games.

Speech Comprehension and Production

Find the numeral adjectives.
Figure of speech: climax (hours, days, weeks, months).
Figure of speech: repetition of the question "πόσες;" (poses, how many) and "άντε" (ante).
Mockery during the third verse of the song.

Music Activities

Perform the song with changes of tempo.
Make the distinction of the melody and rhythm in music tracks.
Divide the class into two groups: the first group recites rhythmically from one to one hundred, and the other group sings the song at the same time. The purpose is to synchronize the groups with the fewest possible mistakes.
Learn the song "Ένα είναι τ' αηδόνι" (Ena einai t' aēdoni) and refer to other climactic songs and fairy tales i.e. "Ντίλι-ντίλι" (Ntili-ntili), "Απ' το άλφα θε ν' αρχίσω" (Ap' to alpha the n' archisō), "Ο θειος μου ο Πανάγος" (O theios mou o Panagos).

Age level

3-7 years old
7-11 years old

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